European Championships in Schwechat

Dimitrij Ovtcharov became European Champion!

He played topspins from all positions, he run and smashed, he seemed to be everywhere. DONIC star Dima Ovtacharov run through the box in the final of the European Championships in Schwechat like it was for his live.

His opponent on the other side of the table: Vladimir Samsonov, one of the most experienced players in Europe and not for nothing number two of the seeding list at this tournament. But against the power of Ovtcharov's shots the player from Belarus had nothing to counter. With a 4:0 (4,7,10,8) Dima became European Champion in the men's singles for the first time in his career and thus the successor of Timo Boll.

I still cannot believe it, commented the over happy winner. 4:0 against Vladi, who knows me that well and who has got such a good tactic against me and has won most of our matches. Today it was really running very well for me.

In fact: From the beginning Dima was the dominant figure, controlled the game all the time and furthermore he was wide awake.

A very meticulous worker, took his time out at that time of the match when Samsonov seemed to find his rhythm for the first time: in the third set, where Ovtcharov was already leading 7:1 and his opponent had shortened to 7:4. Nevertheless afterwards was the only dangerous situation during the whole match. Vladimir Samsonov now played more and more powerful, hit the ball like in trance and was 10:8 ahead.

Table tennis matches can turn very fast, said Dima later on and the time outs are not that easy: On one hand you want to break your opponent's flow of the game, on the other hand you also show weakness.

But then: A good forehand serve of Dima and a powerful forehand topspin into Samsonov's backhand brought the 9:10. Again this forehand serve and this time Dima's topspin hits Samsonov's forehand: 10:10

Ovtcharov is back and took over control again and from then on he didn't give it up again. How to turn around his set ball to the 12:10 with a parallel forehand topspin from his backhand side: That's just world class.

And the last two points in the fourth set, an irresistible backhand topspin and a hard backhand topspin over the table, this was just Ovtcharov's playing style.

National coach Joerg Rosskopf confirmed: Dima has played in another league here. This was really superior.

And afterwards Dima presented himself in party atmosphere. Today I'll pay all the drinks, he announced.

Germany can be proud on this athlete and DONIC is proud having been his equipment supplier for many years already. Congratulations, Dima!

DONIC is table supplier of the German Open


Berlin gets the best from the best

Can you imagine: Table tennis tables as far as the eye can see 52 tables. We are in the capital of Germany, Berlin, in the Max Schmeling hall. It' there where the best table tennis players in the world do their serve.
This scenario will become reality from 13 to 17 November when the German Open take place and all 52 tables for this event will be supplied by the German traditional company DONIC. The basis will be the model Delhi 25 which has been approved since 25 years. However, the DONIC experts will also design their own show-court tables.
It's a tradition: Since 2001 these are the seventh German Open where DONIC is the table supplier and thus guarantees perfect playing conditions. 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2013 again and again the large associations in the world, from the German table tennis association to the European table tennis union to the world table tennis association ITTF, prefer highest quality for top events.
For the DONIC stars Patrick Baum and Dimitrij Ovtcharov, meanwhile number six in the world ranking, the German Open will be a home match. They cannot only rely on the support of the German fans, but also on a perfectly constant bounce of the ball like highly sensitive athletes need it. And in the city of Berlin they offer the best from the best for the fans and the players.

Test results Bluefire JP 01 against Bluefire M1

PDFPrintE-mail Less open pored blue sponge, Maximum grip

Easy to play, perfect Feeling
Excellent control
Perfect balanced rubber

The former World Champion in Doubles and DONIC Product manager Steffen Speedy Fetzner has tested the new Bluefire JP 01 rubber against the proved Bluefire M1 and describes his impressions respectively write about his testing results:

At first view it is obvious that the blue sponge from Bluefire JP rubber is less open pored than M1. The rubber surface looks same like M1 rubber without visual difference. However when you do the grip or, squeak testing, wiping with the palm of your hand above the rubber you can recognize some difference in the sound what probably is the results due to small changes in the rubber surface.

Already when hitting the ball during the warm-up you can feel the noticeable difference between the two rubbers. While the M1 rubber has a deep and compact touch the JP 01
rubber has a much smoother and softer touch.

Playing Topspin on downspin and spin balls the arc from the JP 01 rubber is subjective minimum more flat in comparison to the M1 rubber, especially when playing topspin from half distance, whereupon the spin or rotation are slightly better.

Especially when blocking the differences between the two rubbers are most noticeable.
With Bluefire M1 rubber it is sufficient to find the right ankle to adapt the spin without big movements. With the JP 01 in difference you can control and conduct the ball with smallest movements because of the softer touch and excellent feeling when hitting the ball.

Over all Bluefire JP 01 is a gentle version from Bluefire M1 and despite the sponge hardness is same 47,5 degree the JP 01 version procures a softer and smoother feeling for the ball which is rather known from rubbers made in Japan.

For aggressive Topspin players who like to put pressure with hard spin and strokes on their opponents in my point of view the compact version Bluefire M1 is the right choice. For players who emphasize softer touch when hitting the ball and additional like to take over the initiative in passive situations the perfect balanced JP 01 version is the ideal rubber.

DONIC is table supplier at the World Cup