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Fast & accurate service at fair price Ludington, MI  10/13/2017   

Product was as advertised and delivered on time  Burlingame, CA 07/17/2017 

Yasaka Xtend SD Although I have played only twice, still, it seems excellent, so far. 06/20/2017 

Xiom Sigma II Pro

I use this rubber with BLACK DEVIL Carbon, and the speed is 95, spin 95 and control 90. 

It is on my forehand side, and I like it a lot. My highest recommendations!     06/17/2017 

Yasaka Xtend SD    
Although I have played only twice, still, it seems excellent, so far.    06/20/2017 

I recently started training seriously in Table tennis. I believe this combo is a great first serious custom cpen( for taking your game to the next leve). The blade itself is stable with great control, important for my developing strokes. The mark V rubbers are a good all around feel, no too fast nor too slow. My strokes have improved significantly, esp my RPB.    05/31/2  

Well made  great quality paddle. I was thinking about going the blade/rubber/glue route for a bit but instead chose the Waldner 900. definitely made the right choice. James   03/03/2017 

Paddle Issue   I had a minor issue with paddles I ordered having a defect from the manufacturing process. I called and my problem was rapidly taken care of and new paddles were sent to me right away. Great service and final product. I recommend this company. They were professional and took care of the problem right away!  Justin   04/25/2017 

Paddle order
Very pleased with paddle...Fastest shipping ever!! Thank you
-Robert Brennan 2/13/2017

Excellent Customer Service!
Quality merchandise, fast order processing and shipping and excellent customer service!
Thank you!
- Jim 1/25/2017

Excellent service.
American Table Tennis has and provided excellent service in everyone of my many transactions.
Mr G is my "go to" contact for all Table Tennis equipment and questions.  Thanks for promptly making my requested exchange two weeks ago and for filling and shipping my new order last week-Dave H of Michigan

- Dave H 1/22/2017

Gambler Bullet 3 Star Balls
Very happy with the service.
- Larry Davis 1/8/2017

nittaku 3 star premium 40+ ping pong ball
I ordered the balls on line. It was easy to do. The product was ordered just before the holiday and arrived the first day after the observed holiday. That was fast.
American table tennis is always my first choice for ordering table tennis equipment.
- David Wells 1/3/2017

Best forehand looping rubber ever!
I am a powerful looper typically playing mid/long distance from the table and I was looking for a rubber with amazing control and spin. I did a lot of research and after testing this rubber out I realized this was exactly what I needed. You will not find a better combination of both control and spin anywhere else (not even Tenergy). The throw angle of the rubber is on the lower end, which in effect makes your loops have a tremendous influence of bending the flight path of the ball downward. You almost feel like you cannot miss a forehand loop with this rubber. I have tried Tenergy 05 FX,Hurricane 3 NEO, and Baracuda; but Donic Acuda Blue P2 definitely is my favorite rubber
- Kevin Zywicki 12/8/2016

Yasaka Mark V GPS rubber sheet
Correct product shipped asap. What more can you expect?
- Anonymous 12/3/2016

Best rubber for powerful looper
I spent quite some time deciding between this rubber and Hurricane 3 NEO. My style is heavy looping from mid to long distance from the table and I found this to be better than hurricane because of the better feel and control you get with the same spin as hurricane. The cost is the ball is not as fast as hurricane but when you are a heavy looper you can generate your own power very easily. This is also the forehand rubber of Xu Xin as well so this rubber speaks for itself. Try it out if you are mid to long distance looper. If you do not fit this play style, this rubber on forehand probably isn't for you.
- Kevin Zywicki 11/26/2016

donic baracuda
thank you for a great service, yazel
- Yazel Boudour 11/20/2016

Nice Cover
For the price this cover is nice so do not be scared of the cost and think it is a cheap cover. It is not as my racket fits perfectly and I feel comfortable that it is being protected. Once again American Table Tennis has proven to me that this is the source for my table tennis gear.
- David Miller 11/17/2016

Great Protection
ButterFly Rubber film is the best in the market. I will buy again especially from American Table Tennis. Quick shipment.
- David Miller 11/17/2016

Butterfly Sriver Fx
Nice feel and great control.
- Ed 11/8/2016

I like the rubber but it was just a little short for my butterfly retriever blade. I probably have to buy a bigger sheet next time.
- Shawn Panday 10/30/2016

Dries fast, does the job quickly
Dries fast and does the job quickly. You just need a good applicator like a smoother sponge.
- Shawn Panday 10/30/2016

Great rubber
- Frank Aguilera 9/3/2016

Donic bluefire m3 Rubber
Great rubber
- Frank Aguilera 9/3/2016

Does Everything Well
Bluefire M2 works well for all facets of the modern game. Most rubbers loop well when your contact is perfect, but M2 is a little more forgiving when contact is a little off-center or hesitant. It still gives plenty of energy back into the shot. It?s soft enough to serve and play the short game effectively, but with enough firmness to not bottom out while counterlooping off the table. Its high throw lifts backspin effortlessly with the proper stroke, but it still pushes sharply when needed. It really does everything I ask it to!
- Scott 8/30/2016

Butterfly Garaydia T5000
Very happy with order and fast delivery will order from here from now on.

Light blade
This is a nice light blade excellent for all players who don't like heavy rackets.
- Anonymous 7/28/2016

Yasaka Xtend SD
I was an Xtend fan "pre-speed-glue", but it couldn't quite do everything that "real" glued rubber could. Well, for my money, this is "THE" speed-glue replacement. Yeah. spring sponge and all that. Tenergy (and everything like it) was just hard, semi-sticky, fast rubber with a lot of good marketing behind it (in my opinion). This stuff (Xtend SD) actually feels and sounds like speed glued rubber. It's fast (but the sponge doesn't feel like a rock). Optimally, I'd recommend a harder, quicker blade though. It's really spinny, which is important because it has a high throw. But together they make it super-easy to use... which unfortunately the advertising makes that sound like it's for beginners. On the contrary, it's got all the gears, nice spin and touch on serves and near the net, a sweet punch-block and a quick, controllable straight-up block. You can really torque-it-up on counter-loops or quick-off-the-bounce, but it doesn't fly into the stands if you slightly miss-time your swing.
- Anonymous 7/28/2016

Sweden Classic Japan
Very nice blade with a comfortable handle. The ball stays on the racquet so you can finish your stroke. I am using with Yinhe Moon Pro on both sides, this combo provide plenty of spin and speed. Great communication from the staff and speedy delivery.
- Sam 7/27/2016

Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40 +
Fast and correct with e-mail confirmations and shipping tracking.
- Dan 7/3/2016

Better than expected
My purchase at ATT is really good. The racket is really better than what I expected.
- Xiuyi Song 5/19/2016

Rubber Protector
Great quality with a very low price and excellent on the shipping.
- Thuan Tran 2/9/2016

Good condition and extremely satisfied with the fast shipping of items.
- Thuan Tran 2/9/2016

Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Penhold
Good product quality, good packaging. Shipment is quick.
- Anonymous 2/9/2016

Side Tape Blue/Silver 12mm SMALL ROLL
Good as in picture shown.
- Anonymous 2/9/2016

gets the job done
hard plastic sheet with markings as shown. i still prefer the stitched sheets from colestt because it is soft and trimmed with no sharp edges
- Anonymous 2/5/2016

great product
comes in a squeeze bottle with a small opening so it is difficult to accidentily put too much glue. says its stronger than chack 1, but seems about the same to me. glue is relatively liquid and requires a sponge to spread, which is not included.
- Anonymous 2/5/2016

Execrllent service
execellent service!! Shipping is always very fast
- Allen Lin 2/5/2016

Pre-Assembled paddle
Item arrived in perfect condition; I ordered it on 01/28 and got it on 01/30, thank you for your prompt service. Yasaka Mark V pre-assembled paddle is a well crafted with quality!
- Sean 1/31/2016

Quality Product
Great protection and great for rolling the rubber onto the blade. Quick delivery and awesome service. Thank you American Table Tennis.
- TK 8/15/2016

Quality Rubber
Offers accelerated speed when needed with good spin and control. Great rubber to block with. Super quick delivery and quality service. Thank you for delivering awesome fun and enjoyment, well appreciated and highly recommended.
- TK 1/26/2016

Very exciting rubber to play with. Offers accelerated speed when needed with nice control and easy ball placement. Super sound with very nice touch and feel qualities. No other rubber like it. Very exciting to play with when proper technique is used to deliver and receive the ball. 5 STAR RUBBER. Thanks for the quick delivery American Table Tennis. No problem here. Awesome customer service.
- Tommy 8/15/2016

Yasaka Edge Tape 12 mm
Fast delivery. Perfect width, covers whole side of racket. Gives professional look to my paddle.
- Mume Batt 8/15/2016

Looks Great
Put this edge tape on after putting my new H3 Neo on my backhand, picked it over the Butterfly tape because I thought the Donic logo looked cooler (not that it really matters).
Looks awesome!
Do keep in mind that this 9mm size will pretty much cover your blade only and not the edges of your rubbers.
- Calvin 8/15/2016

Does The Job Well
It's a table tennis sponge. As long as it wipes off your rubbers and is spongy, well, it's done its job and this Donic sponge definitely fulfills those two criteria.
Sponge might be a bit larger than you expect from the pictures. I know, I was slightly surprised when I got it (not that it's a bad thing.
- Calvin 8/15/2016

Backhand Rubber
I've been using H3 Neo with 2.15mm sponge on my forehand for a while. Recently, I decided to switch to H3 Neo on my backhand as well because I liked it on my forehand and I never felt very consistent with Mark V HPS, especially on over the table shots.
Although it's been about half a day since I put it on, it already feels great. The rubber is just as tacky as you might expect and really great for looping.
However, one thing I do notice, especially with these rubbers, is that the properties of them change after about a week or so. Exposing the rubber to oxygen by leaving it out on a table helps it to become more bouncy (and helps get rid of the weird fishy smell that all DHS rubbers seem to have).
Comparing the rubber on my forehand (which is several months old at this point) and the rubber on my backhand, you would swear they are different rubbers just by ball feeling and sound. So I think this rubber does need some time to adjust by itself before it feels perfect.
- Calvin 8/15/2016

Great as far as I can tell
Not enough experience in table tennis to evaluate the rubber, though it is very consistent as far as I can tell.
- Eric Wu 8/15/2016

Well done
Aligned well, Haven't had any problems with it thus far.
- Eric Wu 8/15/2016

Fast shipping and good service
- Sang Yub Lee 8/15/2016

Very Quick Delivery
I ordered it without extra charges on Monday and received it on Thursday. No bad at all!
- Ming Leung 8/15/2016

very happy with the the rubber sheet very fast shipping
- Stan Szamiel 8/15/2016

The Best
Easy to apply and goes on very evenly with no mess. Does a great job of securing your rubber to the blade.
- Tom 8/15/2016

Quality Edge Tape
Very sticky and does a very nice job covering the edges of your valuable blade.
- Tom 8/15/2016

Quality Product
Quality scissors does a very nice job in trimming table tennis rubbers.
- Tom 8/15/2016

Acuda blue P2
Love the rubber and the price
- Frank Aguilera 8/15/2016

My first pips out rubber
Good defensive pips out rubber with still decent spin.
- Gary Kump 8/15/2016