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This Butterfly Penhold blades selection may have one just for you.
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Assemble My Racket Please

Free assembly if needed includes edge tape.

Butterfly Chinese EX-CS table tennis penhold blade. Chinese EX-CS Penhold Blade

Speed: 83 Control: 75 Plies: 5 Weight: 85g

Our Price: 67.99
Butterfly Yoshida Kaii-CS penhold blade Yoshida Kaii-CS Penhold Blade

Speed: 87 Control: 72 Plies: 7 Weight: 91g

Our Price: 76.99
Butterfly Shamada-CS Chinese Penhold Shamada-CS Chinese Penhold

Speed: 79 Control: 75 Plies: 5 Weight: 89g

Our Price: 87.99
Hadraw VR CS Penhold Blade Hadraw VR CS Penhold Blade

Speed: 93 Control: 90 Plies: 7 Weight: 90g

Our Price: 134.99
Innerforce Layer ZLC CS penhold blade Innerforce Layer ZLC CS Penhold

Speed: 99 Control: 78 Plies: 5+2 Weight: 85g

Our Price: 236.99
Give your table tennis a boost with any of our Butterly blades.