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Table Tennis Glue
  • Butterfly

    Butterfly Free Chack table tennis glue
  • Donic

    Donic table tennis glue its an ideal water based glue for replacing your table tennis rubber.
  • REvolution

    REvolution table tennis glue/ping pong glue
  • Rubber Booster

    Falco Tempo Long Booster provides a safe, VOC free, speed glue effect to your rubbers.

    Effective 8 to 12 weeks. Unlike regular boosters it gives very consistent long-term performance.

    Brush attached to lid.
    150 ml

    Falco Tempo Booster is an alternative to speed glue. It is VOC-free and compliant with ITTF regulations.

    Boosters are not glues so water-based glue is still required to attach the rubber to the blade after boosting. Boosters improve the speed and spin of the rubber sheet while giving you a better feel of the ball.

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Table Tennis Rubber Glue

One of the least-discussed accessories for the sport of table tennis is table tennis glue, but professional players understand just how important this choice is for creating the perfect paddle. If you do not know how to glue table tennis rubber, then your best bet is to choose quick-glue sheets. These sheets work in the same way as double-sided tape does, and they allow you to affix your rubber quickly and efficiently. However, if you want to work like the pros, then you will use water-based table tennis glue, such as that made by Butterfly and Donic.

Water-Based Table Tennis Glue

Of course, the best table tennis glue strictly depends on your style of play and personal preference. For instance, Free Chack glue is easily removable when it is time to change rubbers, and other brands promise more speed or optimized performance. When you need table tennis rubber glue at an affordable price, contact American Table Tennis.