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Xiom table tennis blade selection.
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Assemble My Racket Please

Free assembly if needed includes edge tape.

Xiom Allround S table tennis blade-ping pong blade Xiom Allround S

Speed: 73 Control: 77 Plies: 5 Weight: 85g

Our Price: 54.95
Xiom Extreme S FL table tennis | ping pong blade Xiom Extreme S Blade

Speed: 95 Control: 61 Weight: 92 Plies: 7w

Our Price: 59.95
Xiom Aigis table tennis-ping pong blade Xiom Aigis

Speed: 60 Control: 84 Plies: 5 Weight: 85g

Our Price: 64.95
Xiom V1 table tennis-ping pong blade Xiom V1

Speed: 88 Control: 65 Plies: 3w+2c Weight: 85g

Our Price: 79.95
Xiom Axelo table tennis | ping pong blade Xiom Axelo

Speed: 97 Control: 59 Plies: 3w+2c Weight: 92g

Our Price: 89.95
Xiom Strato table tennis | ping pong blade Xiom Strato

Speed: 97 Control: 60 Plies: 3w+2c Weight: 88g

Our Price: 94.95
Xiom V1 Quad table tennis blade Xiom V1 Quad

Speed: 95 Control: 62 Plies: 5w, 2c, 2z Weight: 88g

Our Price: 109.95
Xiom Zetro Quad Table Tennis Blade-Ping Pong Blade Xiom Zetro Quad

Speed: 93 Control: 63 Plies: 5w, 2c, 2z Weight: 92g

Our Price: 114.95
Vega Euro FL table tennis-ping pong blade Vega Euro FL

Speed: 89 Control: 65 Plies: 5w 2c Weight: 90g

Our Price: 139.95

Professional Table Tennis Blades

When choosing professional table tennis blades, you have two basic options: shakehand blades and penhold blades. The top table tennis blades in the United States are ping pong shakehand blades, and this is more than just a personal preference. Many people believe the shakehand style is the best offensive table tennis blade, which is very helpful when attempting to score. Once you choose a blade style, however, you have several more decisions to make. You also need to think about the handle, materials and construction

Ping Pong Shakehands Blades

We stock a wide selection of the best table tennis blades here at American Table Tennis, and our prices cannot be beat. You can choose from several top brands, including Xiom, Friendship, Donic, Yasaka and Butterfly, and if you order rubber, you can ask us to seal the blade before having it professionally installed.

Table tennis player will select here a blade to their own preference and select 2 rubber sheets
for the game for what they think is the best combination.