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Yasaka table tennis rackets an exceptional selection to improve your game.
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Yasaka Astra Racket Yasaka Astra Racket

Speed: 35 Spin: 35 Control: 100

Our Price: 10.95
Yasaka Sting Racket table tennis-ping pong racket Yasaka Sting Racket

Speed: 40 Spin: 40 Control: 100

Our Price: 13.95
Yasaka Blast TableTennis Racket Yasaka Blast Racket

Speed: 45 Spin: 45 Control: 95

Our Price: 15.95
Yasaka Magnum Racket Yasaka Magnum Racket

Speed: 55 Spin: 55 Control: 90

Our Price: 19.25
Yasaka Attack Racket Yasaka Attack Racket

Speed: 60 Spin: 60 Control: 85

Our Price: 24.95
Yasaka Champ Racket Yasaka Champ Racket

Speed: 55 Spin: 55 Control: 90

Our Price: $28.95
Sale Price: 25.95
Save $3.00!
Yasaka Master Racket Yasaka Master Racket

Speed: 60 Spin: 60 Control: 85

Our Price: 27.95
Yasaka World Cup table tennis racket Yasaka World Cup

Speed: 70 Spin: 70 Control: 80

Our Price: 30.95

Yasaka Expert Racket Yasaka Expert Racket

Speed: 70 Spin: 75 Control: 75

Our Price: 36.95
Yasaka Leader Racket table tennis-ping pong paddle. Yasaka Leader Racket

Speed: 75 Spin: 75 Control: 75

Our Price: 41.95

Yasaka Leader 3D Table Tennis Racket Yasaka Leader 3D Racket

Speed: 85 Spin: 75 Control: 75

Our Price: 46.95
Yasaka Original Racket Yasaka Original Racket

Speed: 95 Spin: 95 Control: 70
Best Seller

Our Price: 74.95

Yasaka Mark V Racket table tennis racket Yasaka Mark V Racket

Speed: 100 Spin: 100 Control: 65
Best Seller

Our Price: 89.95

Ma Lin Extra-Mark V Combo Table Tennis-Ping Pong Racket Ma Lin Extra-Mark V Combo Racket

Our Price: $127.85
Sale Price: 99.95
Save $27.90!
Mark V Carbon table tennis racket Yasaka Mark V Carbon Racket

Speed: 105 Spin: 100 Control: 65

Our Price: $119.95
Sale Price: 109.95
Save $10.00!
Yasaka GOIABAO 5 Combo-Rakza X-American Table Tennis. GOIABAO 5 Combo-Rakza X

Our Price: $154.85
Sale Price: 131.60
Save $23.25!
Yasaka Sweden EK Carbon-Rakza 7 Sweden EK Carbon-Rakza 7

Our Price: $161.80
Sale Price: 137.60
Save $24.20!
Yasaka Dynamix-Rakza X Combo-table tennis racket Dynamix-Rakza X Combo

Our Price: $182.85
Sale Price: 155.40
Save $27.45!

Yasaka Table Tennis Rackets

Founded in 1947, the name Yasaka has been synonymous with quality in the world of table tennis equipment for nearly as long. In the 1950s, Yasaka designed the best table tennis paddles available, and in the 1960s, the Mark V Yasaka table tennis racket changed the sport forever. The Mark V was a revolutionary Yasaka table tennis paddle, and it is credited with helping several championship players win important tournaments.

Table Tennis-Ping Pong Paddles

If you are in the market for a Yasaka ping pong racket, you will find the largest selection and the lowest prices when you search online. At American Table Tennis, we offer professional table tennis paddles from all of the top designers, but Yasaka rackets and rubbers are tough to beat. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have what you need.