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Prices are for one rubber sheet which covers one side of a paddle.
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RITC 802 Tack Speed RITC 802 Tack Speed

Speed: 82 Spin: 68 Control: 72

Our Price: $9.95

Donic Baxster LB Donic Baxster LB

Speed: 70 Spin: 65 Control: 80

List Price: $37.95
Our Price: $30.95
Save $7.00!

Short Pips for Table Tennis

Come to American Table Tennis where we’ve got the short pips-out table tennis rubber that will meet your playing style. When you use short pips, you’ll get explosive power for the fast attack strokes. A short pips paddle can be a handy weapon for those with tight defense and fast offense, and is ideal for the aggressive, close over-the-table attack players. These rubbers offer hard shots with great control and a straight, missile-like trajectory that is hard to return and will put your opponent on the defensive.

Short Pimpled Rubber

At American Table Tennis you’ll find trusted brands that meet your needs and playing style. Find the right short pips for you and get striking features and great advantages each and every time you play. Shop us now to get the rubbers you need at competitive prices, and when you order $60 or more, you’ll enjoy free shipping. Stock up now!